MicroScreen Gutter Guard

MicroScreen Gutter Guard utilizes the latest technology to provide effective relief from leaves and debris clogging your gutters. MicroScreen’s innovative design captures water from your roof while shedding all leaves, pine needles, and shingle granules.

MicroScreen Gutter Guard is designed from a single piece of roll-formed aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel screen, which makes it one of the most effective micro mesh products on the market.

MicroScreen Gutter Guard’s frame utilizes a unique louvered design that creates hundreds of vertical openings across the screen surface. The louvers, reminiscent of a cheese grater, act as water breaks, drawing water through tiny holes in the stainless steel screen into the gutter below.

MicroScreen Gutter Guard installs on existing gutters by completely encapsulating the gutter opening. MicroScreen Gutter Guard is also a wonderful solution for preventing pesky birds, mosquitoes, and bees from nesting and breeding inside your open gutters!

MicroScreen Gutter Guard handles as much water as any micro mesh gutter guard on the market, and does a great job shedding debris.

When installed by Gutter Guards Direct, MicroScreen Gutter Guard includes a transferable, lifetime no-clog warranty.

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