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Admit it, you have a gutter problem and you don’t know the best way to fix it.

Gutters fail for many reasons including age, improper installation, leaks caused by poor workmanship and cheap materials, leaf and debris accumulation, and storm damage.

What’s crazy is that your gutters could be 30-years old or brand new and suffer from the same problems.

Sadly, most gutter installers don’t pay attention to the details that make the difference between gutters that will perform well for 30-years and gutters that will fail overnight.

Saving a few bucks on a poorly implemented gutter installation can wind up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs from water damage, so we ask,

What’s it worth to you to protect your most valuable asset from water damage?


3 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Direct Rocks!

1. Better Design. We take into consideration the different facets of your home, the complexities of rooflines, and the grounds surrounding your home to design gutters that effectively move water off the roof surface, into the gutters, through the downspouts, and away from the structure.

2. Professional Installation. Gutter Guards Direct uses levels to make sure your gutters are pitched the right direction, we use caulks and adhesives that stand up to intense UV rays and extreme temperature swings, and we adequately support the gutters to handle heavy snow and ice loads in the winter.

3. Size, Color & Performance. Size matters, and we install gutters ranging from 5”-7” or larger when the application calls for it. We offer up to 40 gutter colors, plus copper, and we provide the option to protect your gutters from leaves and debris with high quality gutter protection systems that will keep your gutters free flowing at all times.

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5 Questions to Ask Gutter Installers

Most homes have 5″ gutters installed. In some cases that’s adequate, but in many cases, jumping to larger gutters will vastly improve peformance for only a nominal increase in cost. If the installer only sells 5″ gutters, he has no incentive to offer you the best solution. 
Very few gutter installers use levels to install gutters and it is the only way to accurately know that your gutters were pitched properly. An incorrectly pitched gutter will guarantee water problems due to standing water and overflowing gutters! 
Liability and worker’s compensation insurance is expensive with gutter installers and roofers paying the highest premiums. Hiring a gutter installer without proper insurance means that you could be liable for the injuries of a worker hurt while on your property.
Hidden hangers are the brackets that hold gutters in place. They’re expensive and there’s no mandate that says how closely they have to spaced, so the fewer hangers used means that your gutter installer saves money and your gutters will not stand up well to water, snow, ice, wet leaves and other heavy debris. Don’t hire an installer who spaces hangers more than 24″ on average.  
Because installing gutters is a low-margin business, it’s a volume game, which means that most installers want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Ask prospective installers what they would do to improve your gutter design and see what they say. This will tell you a lot about the quality of their work and attention to detail. 

Water Problem Case Studies

Gutter Guards Direct primary objective is to help solve your water problems. Whether issues stem from your roof, gutters, or ground drainage, we provide solutions that work. Check out some recent success stories.

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