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Homeowners and businesses rely on Gutter Guards Direct to solve their water problems due to flooded basements; water pooling around foundations; wood rot; damaged floors, doors, and windows; discolored and moldy walls; leaky and overflowing gutters.

What is your water problem?

Our clients entrust us to correct their water problems. We do this by looking at a number of factors, including analyzing gutter systems to make sure they are designed and draining properly, determining what, if any, gutter protection system is recommended, and making sure water is sufficiently directed away from the structure with proper drainage systems.

Our objective is to eliminate your water problems once and for all. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to do just that.

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Common Water Problems

Roof valleys are areas where two or more roof surfaces intersect, which causes water to collect and stream down the roof like a raging river, and is one of the most common causes of water problems around a structure.
Improperly pitched gutters occur when installers do not use levels to make sure the gutters are pitched towards downspouts, and its the chief reason why water builds up in and overflows gutters, sometimes with the slightest rainfall.
Downspouts are intended to move water from Point A to Point B and Point C, depending on the complexity of a roof system. Not having enough or improperly placed downspouts can lead to serious water problems.
Water drainage issues typically start where downspouts terminate, and occur both above ground and with underground pipes. The key to solving these water problems is designing and installing drainage systems that effectively carry water away from a building structure.
Clogged gutters are the easiest water problem to fix. Leaves and debris collecting in the gutters can quickly render gutters useless and will lead to significant water problems.
Drip, drip, drip! There is nothing worse than the sight and sound of water dripping from leaky gutters. Gutter leaks cause wood rot and decay of roof decking, soffit, facia, siding and wood decks, concrete driveways, walks and patios, and generally lead to the replacement of gutters.
Water build-up on your roof that leads to leaks can be caused by improperly installed and clogged gutters; poor downspout placement and termination; hail and wind damage, and more.

Water Problem Case Studies

Gutter Guards Direct primary objective is to help solve your water problems. Whether issues stem from your roof, gutters, or ground drainage, we provide solutions that work. Check out some recent success stories.

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