GutterRx Gutter Guard

Looking for an effective gutter protection system that won’t break the bank?

Look no farther than GutterRx! Gutter Rx combines effective leaf and debris shedding capabilities with an industry-leading warranty at an affordable price.

GutterRx is made from heavy gauge roll-formed aluminum onto which hundreds of holes are cut. The undulating surface helps shed leaves and debris. Dry debris blows off the system with a gentle breeze. The holes in GutterRx’s surface are large enough to absorb significant volumes of water, yet small enough to keep out most leaves and debris. 

Gutter Rx is ideal for gutters that are clogged by leaves and debris that blow from trees located a short distance away from gutters. Whether leaves blow into your gutters from trees in your yard, along your property line, or from your neighbor’s trees, GutterRx will provide excellent protection that expanded metal and plastic gutter screens do not. 

Gutter Rx installs securely within the gutter with sheet metal screws and can either be positioned flat or at an angle to help shed leaves and debris. Fastening GutterRx to the gutter lip and fascia reinforces the gutter and ensures the gutter guards will withstand the weight of debris, snow, and ice on its surface.

GutterRx will not interfere with the roof or shingles, which means that it can be installed on any type of roof surface, including asphalt, wood shakes, clay tile, slate, metal, etc.

GutterRx is a low profile gutter protection system that is virtually invisible from the ground. It’s perforated aluminum screen encloses the gutters, so birds, squirrels, and insects will have no interest in nesting in the gutters.

GutterRx is available in white and dark bronze and fits most 5 inch and 6″ gutters.

Best of all, GutterRx includes a 20-year No Clog warranty!


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