7-inch gutters brentwood tn


Here’s just one example of the types of projects we undertake on behalf of our clients. We will be adding many more examples of our work soon…

Beauty sometimes causes headaches, and it was no exception at this stunning European-styled manor in Brentwood, Tennessee, that suffered from major roof water runoff caused by a complex roof design.

This custom-built home has always had a problem with roof water runoff because several sections of roof intersect into an oversized funnel above the home’s rear deck. This area is comprised of several steep pitched roof sections that merge into two long valleys. The water runoff was significant enough that much of the water would pass over the home’s oversized 6″ gutters. Roof water runoff would pour onto and pool on the composite deck floor. Standing water would reverse course towards the house and enter into the enclosed porch. The industrious homeowner had fashioned a series of nylon tarps and oversized plastic buckets in an attempt to catch the water runoff. The homeowner has been dealing with roof water runoff since she built the home in 2009, and had to tackle the issue virtually everytime it rains.

When she heard of a neighbor who had used Gutter Guards Direct to solve their water problem, she called us to fix the problem.

gutter guards direct gutterGutter Guards Direct took on the challenge to solve the roof water runoff by installing 7-inch gutters, terminating an existing downspout that was overwhelming an unrelated section of 6″ gutter, and adding a series of water diverters on the roof to direct water away from the most problematic area.

The new gutter system, designed and installed by Gutter Guards Direct, successfully fixed the roof water runoff problem. The homeowner has removed the unsightly tarps, put away the squeegees, and the family is again using the screened-in porch and deck to relax and entertain.